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IP Digitalization in Bangladesh

Do you know over 12% of medicines, over 30% of agrochemical products, over 50% of cosmetics and over 70% of electronic appliances sold throughout the country are either fake or substandard/unauthorized?

It’s true. Such malpractice is continuously posing a threat to the prosperity of the economy and tarnishing the brand image & profitability of several brands. Worst of all, customers & general public are in great risk of using such substandard products.

With the ever-increasing ease of information, protecting Intellectual Property through the use of modern digital technology should be priority for all. Seeing such scenario, IPAB has chosen its steps wisely, with deep understanding, long term vision, and calibrated ambition and designed a much sought service of ‘Intellectual Property Digitalization in Bangladesh’. The program aims to provide the following services:

  • Come under the umbrella: Firstly, IPDB will develop an anti-counterfeit technological hub for registering any intellectual property digitally making it retrievable for easy detection of fake products.
  • Consumer aware, piracy beware: The primary reason behind the growth of counterfeit products is the consumer’s lack of awareness and understanding of the Difference between fake and original products and intellectual properties. IPDB tends to bridge that gap by creating a unique technological solution through which customers can check the originality of any branded product and report any infringed copy.
  • Communication is the key: IPDB will communicate information through proper channels of communication via web, mobile apps & SMS and arrange awareness campaigns for general consumers and other stakeholders using media like electronic, newspapers, online and social media to create a ripple effect of awareness among the stakeholders.
  • Real supply, real quality: Providing consultation and tech-based assistance to implement IPR safety technology in manufacturing, secure packaging and supply chain process to reduce low quality manufacturing is also another focus area of IPDB.
  • Keep a keen eye: Establish a ‘Control Cell’ for monitoring infringement activities which will facilitate legal enforcement and be very responsive on IP related issues as identified by its own digital platform.
  • A group of everyone: IPDB will work as an arbitrator & shall create a bridge between any organization, the government, the consumers, and the legal authority to expedite such issues easily and create a pathway to economic prosperity faster, together and make the dream of SDG come true.

Under the project IPDB, Intellectual Property Association of Bangladesh (IPAB) will provide international standard technological support and solution which can be easily checked by the consumers before purchasing the product or service whether it is original or infringed. This technological solution will be based on web, mobile apps and SMS to prevent infringement (counterfeiting) and smuggling of products including violation of copyrights. IPDB will ensure strong authentication of products and supply chain security which will give confidence to the general consumers and other stakeholders. This initiative will facilitate further steps to achieve the vision of Digital Bangladesh and make significant contributions to the economy of the country.

Share your wisdom with us if you wish to be a part of this movement or wish to avail such facility.